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Token Distribution

The token distribution for KING Coin is designed to ensure stability and liquidity within the ecosystem. The breakdown is as follows:
  • 85% tokens locked up in the Raydium liquidity pool initially (LP tokens burned)
  • 7% allocated to the team
  • 5% allocated for marketing purposes
  • 3% allocated for exchange listings

Liquidity Pool Lock-up and Burning Mechanism

Liquidity pool lock-up is made for safety as it plays a vital role in ensuring the stability and security of the KING Coin ecosystem. By locking up 85% of the KING Coin tokens in the liquidity pool at the TGE, it reduces the circulating supply available for trading, which can help prevent sudden price fluctuations and potential market manipulations. The liquidity pool serves as a reserve of assets that can be used to facilitate trades and maintain the token's value. When users buy or sell KING Coins, the liquidity pool ensures that there are enough tokens available for smooth transactions. Additionally, the locked-up tokens act as a safeguard against excessive volatility, offering a protective buffer against drastic price changes. Overall, the combination of liquidity pool lock-up and burning mechanism enhances KING Coin's stability, reduces the risk of market manipulation, and increases confidence among investors and users in the long-term prospects of the project.

Community-Driven Funding Model

The KING Coin project has been initiated as a community-driven effort, starting with zero funding. There have been no presales, no ICO, and no VC investment. This decision reflects our commitment to fairness and inclusivity, ensuring equal opportunities for all community members. "Community's faith is in the community's hands," and this motto lies at the core of our project's values. We believe that true success comes from the collective support and trust of our community members. By empowering our community to actively participate in the project's growth and decision-making processes, we build a strong foundation based on transparency and inclusiveness. The absence of presales and airdrops ensures that every individual has an equal chance to be part of the KING Coin journey, fostering a sense of ownership and pride among our dedicated community members. Together, we embrace the power of community-driven development, knowing that the future of KING Coin is shaped by the hands of those who believe in its potential.